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Visual Artists Rights Act Webinar now available on demand
The Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) is a federal act of congress which protects the rights of visual artists. Passed 20 years ago, VARA is often an opaque law whose protections are sometimes difficult to predict. Recently, the Arts Council presented a webinar on VARA with Ashlye Keaton, co-founder and supervising attorney of the ELLA Project, Running about 30 minutes, this webinar covers:
  • Overview of meaning, origin and history of moral rights.
  • Introduction to the Visual Artists Rights Act as part of the Copyright Act.
  • Explanation of the rights to attribution and integrity granted to authors of works of art through VARA.
  • Discussion of case studies applying and interpreting the scope of VARA.

To view this webinar, please click here.

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This webinar is presented in part with support from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. 


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