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Protecting your Art Online Webinar now available On Demand
The internet, YouTube, Ebay, and Facebook are great ways for artists to share their artwork, but there is a downside also: increased piracy of your artwork. Recently, the Arts Council and attorney and ELLA Project pro bono volunteer John H. Norris presented our latest webinar, Protecting your Art Online. The webinar lasts about 30 minutes and addresses:
  • Understanding online copyright infringement.
  • Problems from online piracy.
  • Your rights and takedown notices.
  • Step by step removal instructions.
You can now stream this webinar for free over the internet! To view the webinar, please click here.

To see all of the Arts Council's Arts Business Development webinars, just visit the webinars section of our website.

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These webinars are presented in part with support from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. 
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Use Dancers Instead of Powerpoint

This video was too good, we just had to share. Use dancers instead of powerpoint. That's science writer John Bohannon's "modest proposal." In this spellbinding choreographed talk from TEDxBrussels he makes his case by example, aided by dancers from Black Label Movement.

Click here to watch the video. 
Arts Council Facilitates International Media Coverage on New Orleans Arts Community

New Orleans creative community is receiving significant international recognition recently. Last month the Arts Council completed and facilitated local artist interviews with Laura Dixon of The London Times to discuss the role the growing creative community has played in the recovery of our city. On November 4th her article appeared in the Arts section of the UK newspaper and today was picked up by The Australian as a featue in the Arts & Style section. To read Laura Dixon's article in it's entirety CLICK HERE to access the story online.

In national news, an Arts Council funded project was featured in the New York Times yesterday. Produced by New Orleans Airlift, the Bywater-based Music Box project is described by project curator Delaney Martin as a shantytown-sound laboratory. Sound interesting? CLICK HERE to read the New York Times Music Box feature article.  
Celebrating 25 Years of Percent for Art

The Arts Council's Public Art Director Morgana King and Interim President and CEO Mary Len Costa appeared last week on Cox Connexions to discuss this year's 25th Anniversary of the Percent for Art Progam. You can view a copy of the interview on YouTube by clicking here.

To date, the Percent For Art Program curated and maintained by the Arts Council of New Orleans has enhanced over 98 citywide locations, [57 site-specific commissions; 219 purchase pieces; and four community outreach projects] with artwork from more than 225 local artists. The artworks are located throughout city operated facilities including City Hall, municipal court buildings, fire and police stations, libraries, recreation centers, parks and neutral grounds. The quality and diversity of the Percent For Art Collection represents the strength of the areas visual artists and celebrates what makes our community unique. Continued »
Arts Council of New Orleans receives NEA grant to support arts business workshops
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman Rocco Landesman today announced that the agency will award 863 grants to organizations and individual writers across the country. The Arts Council of New Orleans is one of the grantees and will receive $25,000 to develop and present a series of statewide arts business workshops. The 863 grant awards total $22.543 million, encompassing 15 artistic disciplines and fields, and support projects in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Through NEA support, the Arts Council will develop Arts Business in Your Town, a series of arts business development workshops. The workshop series will be offered in six locations throughout Louisiana and include topics such as board development, social media and email marketing, and nonprofit incorporation.

 Continued » Wins Best of the Web Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that the Arts Council produced website was voted Best Non-Profit Website by Gambit Readers in the 2011 Best of the Web Awards.

The awards honor design excellence and best use of the web in the Greater New Orleans Area. Websites were submitted by the general public for Gambit to review, editors narrowed down the three best sites in each competition category and then Gambit readers voted on their favorite site.

Visit to discover a local directory of arts venues, groups and artists in addition to a comprehensive, daily updated cultural events calendar. Search keywords, browse photos and watch videos all in one central location to help you find the perfect match for your arts and cultural interests.  
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Message on Cultural Economy Permits from the City of New Orleans
The City of New Orleans greatly values the contributions that artists and the cultural community make to our economy. You will find a step by step explanation of the basic procedures needed to get the first level of permits to run a cultural business. There is also specific direction on doing business in a Cultural Products District which has special tax considerations. Contact information is also included for the departments and staff members who can assist you.

All businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, require permits to operate. These documents should help clarify that process. The City and the Landrieu administration are committed to growing the cultural economy and providing an infrastructure that supports it. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Hutcheson at 504-658-4258 or , or Alison Gavrell, Cultural Economy Project Coordinator, at 504-658-0907 or .

More information below...
 Continued »
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Community Property, Intellectual Property Webinar available on demand
Protecting your intellectual property doesnt end at Copyright registration. Your copyright is for life, plus 70 years, but what happens when your situation changes?

Recently, the the Arts Council and Elizabeth Meneray, attorney with Meneray Family Law presented our latest webinar, Community Property/Intellectual Property. This webinar is now available for free streaming.

The webinar lasts about 18 minutes and covers:

  • What community property means in Louisiana.
  • Divorce and intellectual property.
  • Estate Planning and intellectual property.
  • How to plan ahead to protect yourself.

To view the webinar, please click here.

Like this information? Help keep it free, and put a little something in our tip jar!

These webinars are presented in part with support from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation.  
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Host your meeting at the Arts Council
One of the exciting new features of the Arts Council's new offices is our expanded meeting facilities. The Arts Council is making our conference room available for use by our clients.

Our conference room seats 28 in board room seating, and can hold up to 40 for workshop seating. Usage is available for free for current Arts Council members during regular business hours from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. After Hours and weekends require a $100 stipend. For non-members, the cost to rent the conference room is $20 an hour, plus any after hours fees.

To schedule your event, or to come by and tour the conference room, please contact Dolita Brown at 504-523-1465 or via email  
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Restoration of Two Landmark Sculptures
Spirit House and Synchronicity to be renovated by In Sight Builders

The Arts Council of New Orleans, today announced the restoration of two public art landmarks. The sculptures, Spirit House by artists John Scott and Martin Payton, and Synchronicity by artist Thomas Mann, were originally commissioned by the Percent For Art Program funded by the City of New Orleans and administered since its inception in 1986 by the Arts Council.

More information below... Continued »
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