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Funding: Target Arts, Culture & Design in Schools
Deadline: April 30, 2014

Grants of $2,000 to schools and nonprofit organizations that bring arts and cultural experiences directly to K-12 students via in-school performances, artist-in-residency programs, workshops, etc. Programs must take place between September 2013 and August 2014. Applicant must be K-12 educational institution or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling
Deadline April 30, 2014

The National Storytelling Network is accepting applications for the 2014 Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling for projects that promote understanding of the ways storytelling can promote change in individuals and communities.

Grants of $5,000 will be awarded in support of storytelling projects that are service-oriented, based in a community or local organization, and replicable in other places and situations. Projects should have impact beyond their own communities, organizations, or clients, inspiring excellence in applied storytelling work and communicating to new audiences the humanitarian possibilities of storytelling.

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Funding for nonprofit music ensembles
Deadline April 1, 2014

The Amphion Foundation was established in 1987 to encourage the performance of contemporary concert music, particularly by American composers, through support to performing and presenting organizations that have demonstrated sustained artistic excellence.

To that end, the foundation accepts applications from nonprofit performing ensembles, presenters, and music service organizations for general operating support or support for special projects.

Typically, the program awards grants of up to $7,500, although larger grants may be awarded to larger performing organizations with an extraordinary commitment to contemporary concert music or a particularly significant project.

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Harpo Foundation Grants for Visual Artists
Deadline May 6, 2014

The Harpo Foundation is accepting proposals for its Grants for Visual Artists program, which provides direct support to under-recognized artists of any age. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the quality of the artist’s work, its potential to expand aesthetic inquiry, and the strength of its relationship to the foundation’s priority to provide support to visual artists who are under-recognized by the field. In rare cases, the foundation will make a multiyear grant of up to three years to artists whose projects warrant sustained support.

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Funding: Princess Grace Foundation Theatre
Deadline March 31, 2014

The Princess Grace Foundation-USA is dedicated to identifying and assisting emerging theater, dance, and film artists who are in the early stages of their careers or professional development. The foundation is currently inviting nominations for its 2014 Theater Grants Program.

Grants of up to $30,000 will be awarded to actors, directors, and costume, set, sound, projection, and lighting designers who have been nominated by artistic directors of theater companies and deans or department chairs of professional schools in theater. Grants are not currently available for composers, lyricists, dramaturgs, managers, or music directors.

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Michael P. Smith Fund for Documentary Photography
Deadline April 15, 2014

The New Orleans Alliance (NOPA) will begin accepting applications for the Michael P. Smith Fund for Documentary Photography2014 grant. This fund, established by NOPA to honor the legendary New Orleans photographer Michael P. Smith, awards one $5,000 grant annually to a Gulf Coast photographer whose work combines artistic excellence and a sustained commitment to a long-term cultural documentary project. Both emerging and established photographers residing in the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are eligible to apply.

For submission guidelines and to download an application form, please click here.  
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French American Jazz Exchange
Deadline May 30, 2014

The French-American Jazz Exchange (“FAJE”) celebrates the shared passion for jazz in France and the United States. A partnership of the Cultural Service of the French Embassy, FACE and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, the program is designed to foster the creative and professional development of jazz artists from France and the United States through their collaborative investigation of artistic practice and exposure to new audiences, music concepts, and professional relationships.

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Funding for New Music Projects
Deadline November 4, 2013

New Music USA is supporting music in a new way. Instead of filling out a grant application, musicians create a private project page that includes all their work samples and project information. If a grant is awarded, New Music USA will publish the project page. Once published, grantees will be able to post updates as the project unfolds. This year, New Music USA will provide between a hundred and a hundred and fifty individuals with project grants ranging from $250 to $20,000 each.

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Funding for Presenters: Southern Exposure
Deadline: February 28, 2014

Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America supports projects in which arts presenters from different cities or states work collaboratively to bring exemplary performing artists from Latin America to audiences in the United States that have little access to the artists' work. The initiative supports the presentation of dance, music, and theater artists and ensembles and encourages arts presenters to reach new audiences, including communities with origins in Latin America that reflect the demographic changes that have taken place in the U.S. over recent decades.

The program, which is administered by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, funds projects that are developed collaboratively by presenter consortia based in the U.S. and its territories and ensure that engagements take place in at least three (and a maximum of five) different cities or towns. Grants will not exceed $25,000.

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Funding: PeyBack Foundation
Deadline February 1, 2014

The mission of the PeyBack Foundation is to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by supporting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk (ages 6-18). The Foundation provides grants, averaging between $1,500 and $15,000, to nonprofit organizations in the states of Indiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee, and in the Denver, CO, metropolitan area. Programs designed to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth through activities conducted outside the typical school day (i.e., afterschool and summer programming) are particularly favored.

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